26 April 2017

BLUEPRINT 2017 - pencil parade

The members of Pencil Parade, have never met in person but they have experienced the closeness of regular friendships since early 2015 and support each other in their art making. After being together since taking Make Art that Sells courses two years ago, designers Katherine Lenius, Betsy Siber, Megan Dunagan, and Brooke Glaser have crafted pattern and design portfolios that they are extremely proud of. In May, they're taking a very scary, exciting, and intentional step of exhibiting at their first trade show, Blue Print in New York - and importantly, they'll be able to get together in person. While they are looking forward to a successful show, they're also excited that art brought them together as friends from across the US and Australia. Here we have some flyers and showpieces but please visit Pencil Parade online to see more.

SURTEX 2017 - lizzie clark designs

A graphic designer for more than 15 years, Lizzie Clark Designs will debut at Surtex in 2017. Inspired by nature, creating patterns that are representational and abstract, drives her daily creative practice. Seeing her patterns add beauty to functional everyday items such as wallpaper, pillows, aprons, chairs etc. brings Lizzie joy. Her palette leans toward bold, rich colors whether for a kitchen theme or something from the garden. Find Lizzie in Booth 3041 and online here.

25 April 2017

BLUEPRINT - esther bley

Surtex and Blueprint are just under a month away with 24 days to go until Blueprint opens in New York. I'll be posting showcases in the lead up to the show and we begin with Esther Bley who was the very first designer to write in this year. Esther works almost exclusively in watercolor from her farm in rural Ohio, creating charming and bright placements and patterns with a nostalgic feel.  She made her debut the Surtex show last year, and will be showing at Blueprint in 2017. Find out more online here.

BLUEPRINT 2017 - linda briggs

Artist Linda Briggs has been designing textiles for high street retailers for years, but after getting made redundant a year ago Linda decided to try and do more of what she loves. So along side freelancing for retailers Linda is also getting into illustration and is now represented by A Fresh Bunch in USA. She is currently building an illustration portfolio for her first Blueprint Show in May and can be found online here and on instagram as briggs_designs.

And besides illustration Linda also showcases some fabulous patterns on her website...